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Travel To Thailand

Traveling is one of the most fulfilling and exciting things you can do in your life, but it also can be scary when you visit a place with a new culture, laws, customs, language, and people.


Being someone who's traveled & lived in many countries around the world I can tell you "learning" a new country takes time.


Let me tell you a story...


When I traveled to Japan for the first time in 2013 I met a beautiful girl while crossing a railroad. I stopped her, told her she was cute and asked her name. She laughed and we talked for a few minutes.


I said "I want to meet you again" and she smiled, looked at me as the wind blew her black hair and said "me too"


I asked her for her number. She looked confused and said "you can add me online, here's my ID" and gave me a piece of paper with a username.


The train came and she rushed into it. She smiled and waved at me through the window as the train left.


I looked at the piece of paper confused on what she meant by "add me online" and so googled the username. I found nothing.


I never saw her again.


Later that week I found out in Japan everyone communicates on a chat app called "LINE" and what the girl really said was "On Line" not "online."


I lost the piece of paper, but I'll never forget the day I lost the gorgeous girl by the railroad tracks.


The point of this story is information is power, and having the RIGHT information - even if it's as simple as knowing what chat app a country uses - can change the quality of your traveling experience and life.


Thailand, A Single Man's Guide is a video guide covering many topics related to traveling, living, and dating in Thailand.

The purpose of this guide is to give you all the critical information you need as a single guy to make your trip(s) to thailand epic.



Do you want to SHORTCUT all that BS when it comes to finding a cheap apartment?


Do you want to avoid spending time walking around in the hot sun looking to see if that place you found online even looks like the photos?


Do you want to jump off the plane and go STRAIGHT to an inexpensive & quality apartment that you KNOW has everything you need?


By popular demand I've included "THE BEST APARTMENTS IN BANGKOK"


This is a list of apartments I've personally stayed at & highly recommend. These are apartments that are FULLY FURNISHED, MONTH TO MONTH and are just a $2 taxi ride from ALL THE ACTION.


Have you ever wanted to actually LIVE in the apartments you see in my videos?
Do you want to sleep in the same bed I've had wild times on? Well now you can!


One of the apartments listed is LITERALLY 2 minutes walking distance from the HOTTEST CLUB in Bangkok - and the apartment is not even on GOOGLE MAPS - this is the type of hardcore information that can only be known by someone who's spent almost 2 years in this city.


The BEST APARTMENTS IN BANGKOK list is included in The Single Man's Guide To Thailand

How To Find Cheap Housing In Thailand

Did you know there are nice month to month, furnished apartments in areas of Bangkok for

...as low as $6 a day?



Did you know there are apartment buildings that are virtually HIDDEN from foreigners because they only market their location to THAI LOCALS?


Did you know you can HIRE people online to EXPOSE these locations and save you HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS of dollars per month?


Did you know there are many alternatives to hotels? Did you know you can rent homes, or rooms from thai locals for a FRACTION of the cost of a hotel?


In this guide i’ll EXPOSE all my methods for finding amazing apartments, or temporary rooms that not only will save you money but educate you on ways to travel better, longer, and smarter for all your future travels.

Meet Hot Thai Girls Anywhere


This is not your typical travel guide, I'm not going to be just another random guy talking into a camera. All of things I discuss and show you in this guide are things I've lived, done, and most of all have real video footage of it.


I’ve done this over 3 times in Thailand, met girls from shopping malls and had them in bed within hours - what’s shocking is that MOST foreigners in Thailand have NO clue what spots are good for meeting cute thai girls in the day time.




Not only will I include a list of best locations, but I’ll give you EXACT google maps locations on these locations AND give you INFIELD FOOTAGE of me meeting hot thai women in these locations.

Best Clubs To Meet Hot Thai Women

Bangkok has AMAZING NIGHTLIFE, the city is packed with amazing places to party, drink, and meet HOT THAI GIRLS.




Having lived in Bangkok many times, I reveal the BEST clubs in Bangkok.

In this guide I also rank clubs by

- Entry price

- Crowd

- Social Flow

- ...and whether it’s a club where hookers go to prey on foreigners.

I also give you HIDDEN CAMERA FOOTAGE of each club and review the  ones I found to be the BEST for MEETING HOT THAI GIRLS

How To Spot & Avoid “Working Girls”

"How do I know if she's interested in me or just my MONEY?"


Yes, sadly Thailand is crawling with "working girls" and their methods for getting your money go beyond asking directly. One big fear single men fear about Thailand is the fear that a cute thai girl is ONLY interested in your wallet. So how do you know?


In this guide we SHOW how to DETECT if a girl is a "working girls" , and how to AVOID THEM.


Did you know some Thailand "working girls" go to clubs and trick men into thinking they’re interested, only to demand money later?


We go over the TOP 5 CLUES that she's a "working girls" .




Tinder Thailand Optimized

Tinder is not very popular in parts of in Asia, but not Thailand! Tinder is fun, but it can be VERY time consuming. In this guide I’ll reveal how to exploit tinder during your stay in Thailand

In this guide i’ll reveal how:

To run your tinder on autopilot so you can have software/online services TINDER in your SLEEP

You can make small changes in your profile that are Thai friendly to get MORE matches

You can use Tinder as an online research resource to find the best clubs, bars, and more.

Avoid Thailand Scams

Did you know most people are SCAMMED the their FIRST HOUR hour of being in Thailand?


Yes, sounds crazy, but I know because it happened to ME my first time in Thailand!


Thailand is an amazing and beautiful country with friendly people, but it’s also home to MANY scams - from the airport to the street.


Did you know 80% of ALL scams start with the scammer asking you THE SAME FIRST QUESTION?


Yes, from ladyboy street hookers to taxi drivers, most scams all start with the SAME QUESTION - How YOU answer will determine whether they continue or give up.




Most scams are actually for modest amounts of money, and many will cost you more time and annoyance than money.

Banking Hacks

Did you know there’s a way to pay ZERO in ATM fees?


Did you know ALL ATM machines in Thailand are programmed to detect NON-THAI bank cards and charge them 10x the ATM fee?


Did you there are ONLINE travel friendly banks that will REFUND you ALL of your ATM fees per month?



My first month in Thailand I racked up $85 in ATM fees, and I paid NOTHING.


In this travel guide I go into detail on how veteran travelers have their banking setup that saves them money and time,


I’ll EXPOSE how you can avoid ATM fees, international fees, and bank freeze outs and much much more.


THESE TIPS ALONE when applied correctly will pay for this guide AND BEYOND.

Visa Extension Made Easy

Did you know for only $28 you can extend your stay in Thailand for another 30 days?


There’s a lot of visa information on the internet, but the process can be very confusing. In Thailand there’s many different immigration offices, but only ONE main immigration building that will properly extend your visa.


The visa extension process can be very time consuming if you don’t know where to go, what you need, and when to go.


In this guide I go into detail with EXACT google maps links on where to go, what do to, and how the entire process can be done easy.

The “Ladyboy” Interview

"...but I heard Thailand has so many ladyboys, how do I know if she's a ladyboy?"


One of the biggest worries of Thailand is the fear that every girl might be a ladyboy. How do you know?


As a FREE BONUS with the Thailand Guide, I interview a man who's lived in Thailand for YEARS and has had sexual experiences with ladyboys.


In this long interview he reveals how to spot a ladyboy, how to avoid ladyboys, as well as sharing his DARKEST moments in Thailand.